About Us

Our Goals

Doctors and staff are committed to providing exceptional quality in dental care. Our top priority is each individual patient's comfort and delivery of painless treatment for all ages. We strive to build lifelong, trusting relationships with each of our patients and the families we serve.

Our Philosophy

Our belief in communicating with patients and listening to their needs helps us in developing the lifelong relationships between doctors and patients our family practice is built upon. As professionals, doctors and staff are driven by the highest standards of excellence in patient care.

Our History

The dental clinic of Styles, Cotton and Milbert PA was built and established in St. Joseph, MN in December 1976. Dr. Joseph Styles began the practice and Dr. Curt Cotton became an associate 1 1/2 years later in July of 1978. Dr. Kelsey Milbert joined the dental practice in July of 2012. Together, the three dentists have over 70 years of combined experience working in the dental field.